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    Hygehgh HGH 100iu 1 kits – Top Sell HGH For Muscle Growth

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    HYGEHGH is the purest form of 191 amino acid sequence somatropin (HGH), identical to the human body??s naturally produced growth hormone. It is manufactured by biohygene-hgh Ltd. and it comes in 12 IU vials of lyophilized (freeze dried) powder which is to be reconstituted with plain sterile water for injection. Each HYGEHGH vial is mixed with 1ml of sterile water and is then ready to be injected either intramuscular (into the muscle) or subcutaneous (under the skin). The dosage depends on the purpose. It is popular among recreational users who take 2IU per day for anti ageing purposes, 4IU per day for bodybuilding or weight loss, 8-16 IU per day for treatment of severe burns and injuries, etc.
    HYGEHGH 10iu*10vials*1kits


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